Home Grassroots Agboworin And His Many Atrocities (Part ll)

Agboworin And His Many Atrocities (Part ll)

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Agboworin’s vindictiveness is legendary, he nearly destroyed the party structure in the federal constituency. A typical example is the lingering political crisis in Ibadan South East local government, Agboworin is not in good term with all the twelve ward chairmen in the local government, he had on several occasions orderd his boys to unleash terror on them where two of them, (wards 7 and 11 chairmen) sustained injury. The reason for the attack was based on the fact that he summoned them to a meeting and alleged that the chairmen should start singing his praises instead of that of Gov. Seyi Makinde, that he was the only person organising empowerment programmes not the governor. That he should rather be praised continually and consistently too. The chairmen rejected this move and an onslaught was launched against them. A petition was written to the State Secretariat of the party to inform them of the atrocities and Agboworin was invited and rebuked. He didn’t stop at that, his idiosyncrasies continued with the way and manner he handled the local government executive of the party, he’s at loggerheads with the local government party chairman, Engr. Sulaiman Adeniyi, World Best, and eight other members of the executive because the party chairman told him frankly that the party would disintegrate if he followed Agboworin’s approach of handling party issues. The party chairman declined his request to compel all the twelve ward chairmen to report to his house daily and do his bidding. Agboworin has on several occasions threatened to deal with them and none of his purported empowerment programmes passed through the party, rather, he selected members of his team and completed whatever list he has with his family members as beneficiaries.

It’s on record that all the party leaders that endorsed him in 2019 are no more with him today. His grouse was that those leaders didn’t endorse his chairmanship aspirant and as a result of their rejection he started to attack them and send his boys after some of them. As at today, none of the party leaders in the local government is with him except the apple – polishers whose means of livelihood are directly at his mercy.

To be continued!