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Ajibola Muraina: Still In The Threshold Of History.

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The former Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum Resources, Hon. Ajibola Muraina represented the good people of Ibarapa Central and North at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly.

Though, his attempt to return to the Green Chamber for a record fourth term was not successful due to some premordial factors, the veteran politician is unperturbed.

A couple of days ago, Hon. Muraina arranged a mega empowerment where poverty alleviation equipments worth about 200 million Naira was given out to his constituents.

Precisely, 400 grinding manchines, 100 motorcycles and 6 trycicles were given out.

During the presentation, Hon Muraina charged APC stakeholders and members to remain firm and committed in unity to the course of the party and Ibarapa Land.

He emphasized his commitments to always rise to assist the constituents regardless of the fact that he is not presently holding a political office.

I have for many times ruminate on the consequences of the election “loss” of Hon Muraina on both himself and the Ibarapa community as a whole.

No matter how I looked at it, I always come to the conclusion that rather than the man, Ajibola Muraina, the greatest loser was and still is the Ibarapa community.

Politics these days have embraced dangerous dynamism that tends to stand logics on Its head.

In years past, the germaine issues that used to shape the decision of politicians on whether or not to support particular candidates are woven around the anticipated accruing benefits for the community.

Political party sentiments took the back seat whenever community interest became an issue.

Why did I have to delve into the past?

An Ajibola Muraina in the House of Representatives, most especially, from the ruling party is an asset to Ibarapa Land.

Why do I say this?

Hon. Muraina Ajibola, if elected, would have been one of the highest ranking members in the whole of Nigeria and perhaps, the highest ranking in the whole of the south west of Nigeria.

That is a big issue.

Such a high ranking member, no how you factor it is a potential principal officer of the National Assembly.

That is exactly the privilege Ibarapa lost.

Even in established Democracies, ranking Legislators are considered as valuable assets because in the National Assemblies all over the world, seniority counts big.

Our brothers in the North have since mastered this art of politics.

Up there in the North, they have since understand what seniority in the National Assembly fetches and have placed public good over petty and premordial sentiments.

Thank God, Hon Muraina is still vibrant and agile.

I hope our people will take a cue moving forward.



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