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Akeem Olatunji’s Mature Idiocy! By Maroof Asudemade

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When Governor Seyi Makinde called Akeem Olatunji, his party’s upstart publicity secretary, an immature idiot, we thought Seyi was not fair to Oyo PDP’s mouthpiece of illogic and lies. But in recent times, Akeem Olatunji has proved that his idiotic has reached maturity.

Akeem Olatunji didn’t know he was mocking his own idiocy when he mockingly stated that Soka dungeon reigned during the administration of Ajimobi and APC.

Akeem Olatunji was so empty in the head that he didn’t know that the Soka dungeon predated Ajimobi administration and that the dungeon ceased to exist during the reign when it was discovered. We may well ask Akeem Olatunji, is Soka dungeon a part of security menace PDP government inherited from Ajimobi/APC government?

Some PDP e-diots have also been spreading reports of killings which took place during the last administration to justify Governor Makinde’s ineptitude in tackling the overwhelming security challenges threatening to tear Oyo state apart. Words that I reserve for those dumbheads are these: Even the almighty America has been battling indiscriminate shootings from demented souls in the ‘God’s own country’. Yet, it can’t be said that America is insecure because no country can avoid pockets of crimes and security challenges. But where a government inflicts itself with insecurity and allows sacks of crimes and security challenges to fester, as in the case of the present Oyo state under Makinde, such government has become a pariah among the comity of responsible governments whether at state or national level.

Ajimobi was able to tame the tigerish NURTW while Comraid Auxiliary was castrated. It’s Makinde who sutured Auxiliary’s scrota and made him criminally virile again.

For the sake of the sanity of Oyo state, Makinde should be prevailed upon to send Auxiliary back to castration and restore the state to the path of sane security he met it.
By Maroof Asudemade


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