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Don’t Instigate Govt Against All Night Clubs, Youths Caution Bodija Residents

Residents of Ibadan’s popular housing estate, Bodija have been cautioned against instigating the Oyo State government against night clubs owners in the area.

Youths in the area, under the aegis of Bodija Youths Congress, which made this plea in a statement on Thursday, said “some night clubs  have existed in Bodija for over 10 years without issues and that influx of fun seekers to both the old and new night clubs in the area may have been as a result of the festive season.”

According to Comrade Adebisi Adigun, the residents should rather consider the economic impact of the clubs to the lives of youths in Bodija and Ibadan in general, rather than the blanket condemnation of activities of night clubs in the area.

The youths said clubs like 411, Ace, Platnum, Frosty and Sluggers have operated in Bodija for many years, without causing any inconvenience for the residents.

Complaint by the residents that they have not been able to sleep in the last couple of days, is understandable. However, it should also be understandable that we were in the festive season, where youths were moving from one place to the other in search of fun.

Therefore, we are of the opinion that it was wrong to have made a blanket condemnation of activities of the night clubs without considering the fact most of the clubs have existed in the area for over ten years and there have been no issue with the residents.

As youths, who are focused on the oneness and well-being of Nigerians, we wish to urge that we should not to be too emotional in ventilating anger such that business concerns with which we have cohabitated peacefully for many years will be affected.

Most importantly, we call on leadership of the Bodija residents to sit with owners of the night clubs to provide solutions to whatever inconveniences perceived as being caused by activities of the clubs.


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