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Ibadan Business Mogul, Mogaji Abiola Iyiola Celebrates Wife at 50

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An Ibadan-born business mogul, Mogaji Abiola Iyiola has showered encomiums of heartfelt wishes on his wife on the occasion of her 50th birthday.

According to him, the celebrant is someone who dedicates her life for her family and humanity. He added that she deserves to be celebrated in grand style everyday.

He wrote: “I do not wait for my wife to attain a milestone to celebrate her. I celebrate her in my heart every day. It isn’t an understatement that Tayo deserves daily celebration since she lives her life for her family in particular and for humanity in general.

How does a hubby begin to describe a wife who seeks perfection on how to give uncommon care to her family?

How does one portray a woman who gets filled up when her family is fulfilled?

How do I paint a picture of a woman who looks out for the interest of others when she’s glaringly lost in her own ocean of worries?

The sweet stories of how impeccable Tayo is as a wife and mother are unending, the 50th milestone notwithstanding.

Professionally, Tayo is truly, profoundly passionate about her career!

Matrimonially, only Tayo can do it best for me, and for the children!

How she’s able to balance the daunting challenges of matrimony and career is a mystery I am yet to be able to unravel!

For these and more, even as Tayo attains the milestone of 50 years on earth, amounting to 18,250 days, not even those thousands of days are enough to celebrate her sterling merits.

Here’s wishing my half better than me a birth anniversary of endless bliss in matrimony, career, and whole life.

Resounding congratulations, Tayo, as you continue to thrill us!”


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