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Ibadan Circular Road: 70bn to 138.2bn, Where Gov Makinde Got It Wrong By Adebayo Yusuff

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It saddens ones heart to read on the news that Oyo Governor, who claims to be an engineer could re-award a contract,  which was earlier awarded by Abiola Ajimobi government for N70bn for another N138.2bn, this does not only question the competency of Mr Governor, it questions the authenticity of his degrees in Engineering.

It’s should be noted, that when Late Abiola Ajimobi awarded the contract, the project was at no cost to Oyo State Government, the Contractor (ENL Consortium) was expected to raise the fund to finance it on the basis of `build, operate and transfer’ as part of the government public-private partnership agreement.

The State is only a guarantor of ENL Consortium, while Nexim Bank of China will provide the fund. One would have expected that a government who is really interested in the development of the State will build on that agreement laid by the late Governor for the development of the State, but it’s shameful, that Engr. Seyi Makinde is only interested in destructive politics rather than developmental politics.

The Governor must answer questions on the faces behind the new company that the road was re-awarded to, our findings shows that Messrs SEL-Vydra Consortium is a new company, that just got registered few months ago, it’s safe to say that the State Governor is exposing the State to both current and future danger.

Fact check reveals that the said company the Governor re-awarded the contract to was not only registered in less than two months ago with Corporate Affairs Commission but also failed to meet all requirements required for a construction company.

This is evident in their tax profile, as they have no track record Using the Tax Identification Number verification system, we traced the company’s registration number provided by CAC to a Sel Vydra limited with Federal Inland Revenue Service TIN 2394011-0001. Also, the Company registered as a financial institution, these among others are questions the Governor need to answer, for posterity to be on the part of the Governor.

Furthermore, since assuming office in 2019, Mr. Governor cannot point to any tangible project that he has successful delivered, rather than recommissioning the both completed and uncompleted projects left by late Abiola Ajimobi.

It’s high time the Governor gave the people of Oyo State the best and stop hiding under populist agenda, the people deserve good governance, and the reality is that the current Governor is not prepared for Governance, and the popular saying that you can’t give what you did not have.


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