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Insecurity in Oyo: NCOS Urges Auxiliary to Honour Police Invitation. *Tells Him Not to Politicise Issues

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A non governmental, apolitical organization based in Ogbomosho, Oyo state, concerned with crime-free societies, the Network of Crime-Free Oyo State, NCOS, through her coordinator, Comrade Alao Adeyemi, has urged the Chairman, Disciplinary Committee, Park Management System in the state, Mr Mukaila Lamidi, also known as Auxiliary, to honour the invitation extended to him from Police Headquarters in Abuja over his alleged involvements in the spate of insecurities ubiquitous in the state in recent times.

The NCOS Coordinator made this appeal against the backdrop of a viral video in which some members of Nigerian Police were seen, attempting to arrest Mr Mukaila Auxiliary at the New Garage motor park office of the committee. The arrival of the policemen coincided with the presence of the PMS workers who were having a meeting at their office located inside the motor park.

In a statement made available to our reporters, Comrade Alao Adeyemi appealed to Mr Mukaila Lamidi not to read political meanings to his invitation as it was all in an attempt to find lasting solutions to the insecurities ravaging Oyo state in recent times. According to the NCOS Coordinator, he explained that the invitation extended to Auxiliary by the police was in response to the hordes of petitions received by the police on the activities of the PMS Disciplinary Committee Chairman. Specifically, the families of late Rahmon Azeez, killed during the violence that erupted at Iwo Road between the phone sellers and the PMS boys, wrote a petition to the police, alleging that Mr Mukaila Lamidi had a hand in the killing of their son, even as late Rahmon’s brother, who manages the shopping complex, also alleged that there were threats to assassinate him from the PMS quarters. Apart from the petitions sent to the police by late Rahmon Azeez’s families, many concerned citizens of Oyo state also submitted petitions to the police, condemning alleged violent activities being perpetrated by Mr Mukaila Lamidi and his boys at Akobo, Olodo, Iwo Road and other areas in Ibadan metropolis.

In this vein, Comrade Adeyemi implored Mukaila Auxiliary to show law abiding spirit by honouring the invitation on Thursday this week as he promised to explain his own side of the story.

The coordinator of NCOS also called on the Governor of Oyo state, Engineer Seyi Makinde, to prevail on Mr Mukaila Lamidi to visit the police headquarters in Abuja to clear the airs on his alleged involvements in crimes across the state. The coordinator appreciated the efforts of Governor Makinde to rid the state of the overwhelming insecurities while he reiterated that the state’s helmsman needed to do more, be assertive and courageous in his handling of insecurity challenges. Alao Adeyemi further explained that the only way Governor Makinde could convince the people of Oyo state that his government was not spearheading insecurities is to prevail on Auxiliary to show up at the Police Headquarters on Thursday as promised.

While enumerating some of the objectives of NCOS, Mr Alao Adeyemi said that the main aim of having the organization in place was to ensure that crimes becomes a thing of the past in Oyo state. He said his organization has the mandate to sensitize youths in the state to do away with drugs abuse which has been recognised as one important factor that fuelled crimes and insecurities, noting that Governor Makinde could only succeed as a governor in a secure environment.


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