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Insecurity in Oyo State: GSM O send [Seyi O ran’yan] By PDP Chieftain, Ismaila Ashipa

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It was another Egungun festivities around Beere area of Ibadan on Sunday. I was returning from my family compound, Agbo’le Ashipashango, Alekusho, Ibadan North West, when I jammed the Egungun crowd at Beere.

It was an unfortunate scene.
See teenagers and young adults, male and female, supposed leaders of our tomorrow, smoking hemp in the open brandishing cutlasses, knives, cudgels, broken bottles, etc as Egungun Entourage.

The Egungun crowd, some wearing “Olubori-Loga T’ Shirts” were chorusing, “Seyi O Send, Seyi O ran’yan, Olubori l’awa”. Our car was approaching the Beere roundabout, Idi-Agba junction, when three boys with “Olubori-loga” T shirts came looking inside the vehicles on holdup as if waiting to prance on identified enemies. Our car was number five.

Sensing trouble and a possible misinterpretation of my anti-PMS/Auxiliary stance by these street urchins, I sped out of the car, crossing the Ibikunle road to Ile Ogunoroju to Agbedeadodo and to Kootu Oke-Aare. While running away from trouble, though I was not chased, one of my phones dropped. I never looked back to pick the phone. “Ya daran, ya yase”.

The driver who remained in the car told me later that all the occupants of the vehicle next to ours were beaten and their phones and money collected.

But in truth, if you observe from a non partisan angle the way Seyi Makinde is going about his government, especially the poor security situation, “Seyi o send, Seyi o ran’yan”.

He who has ears let him hear.

Thank God for the gift of being alive.
Ekaaro o.


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