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INSIDE STORY: Olopoeyan Narrates How Council Boss Led Policemen, Park Managers to Spy on Him, Says Makinde Must Be Held Responsible If….

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A chieftain of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bisi Olopoeyan has narrated how the Executive Chairman of Ibadan North East LGA, Hon. Ibrahim Akintayo led Mobile Police, Amotekun, Operation Burst and members of Oyo State Park Management System to his house located at Bashorun, around 10:23pm on Friday to spy on him.

Olopoeyan while speaking with westerndailynews reporter this morning said, he was not surprised seeing security agencies around his house through CCTV mounted but worried with the presence Hon. Akintayo in his Sequa Jeep with men of Oyo State Park Management system.

The PDP leader explained that, the convoy stopped few miles before his house and sent two unknown men in advance to check his surrounding before the surveillance team drove by.

According to Olopoeyan, “ My CCTV captured the whole scene, I was very much awake when they arrived while watching the CCTV, I first noticed a suspicious movement of two unidentified men in front of my house, it was visible on the camera that, they aimed at my house, didn’t know what they wanted but when I reviewed the camera, it was clear that, they alighted from the Sequia Jeep parked with other cars closed to my house because, it showed they went to join one of the cars after they left my entrance.

“When these two guys (in the video) came to survey my home, they thought they would meet my guards outside to intimidate them. And any staccatos that ensued, the convoy of official security waiting at the flanks would swoop on my private home guards, possibly would kill some, maim some and arrest some to rope me, so as for the official security would claim they shot and killed for self defense”.

“ But my private guards are not permitted to stay outside my gate. They are to keep within my premises at night. My guards are not government security to police the streets. I am a respecter of the laws of the land and won’t ever exceed my boundaries.”

“ I latter contacted Testing ground police station DPO to inform him of what I noticed in my house, sent him the CCTV footages. He said he was aware and was the one that led the convoy, said his own Lexus Jeep led the convoy, confirmed the Sequia Jeep to be Ibadan North East Local Government chairman, Ibraheem Akintayo’s car”.

“I asked him how a senior officer of the Nigerian Police, council chairman (in his own personal car), some Park Managers and Okada riders to combine for a security night parade. His answer was, Akinyayo joined the task force with his car while men on Okada were assisting on security surveillance of the area but denied any knowledge of the other two unknown men. Though, I never agreed with the DPO, because I know that the unknown men were from Akintayo’s car. The DPO thereafter said he would watch the video footages”.

“The DPO later sent his men to my house to watch the situation over till day break” Alhaji Bisi Olopoeyan said.

I’m worried about what is going on. I am no longer safe, I have always cried out that the agents of the incumbent government in Oyo State are after my life. Governor Seyi Makinde knows about this but not ready to do anything on it. If anything bad happens to me, I want people to know that Governor Makinde is responsible.

“After vandalising the parallel Secretariat of Oyo State PDP Stakeholders Group, the devil’s agents cam to take my life. I am now extra vigilant”


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