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Makinde As Governor of Oyo State: So Far, So Bad

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State under Engr. Seyi Makinde is bleeding profusely and the good governance, characterized by due process, accountability and enviable stewardship is long gone in oyo. What we have left is a shadow and decorated crater.

See below highlights of Seyi Makinde’s disservice to the people of Oyo state so far;

1. Oct 11 2019, Makinde got N7.6 billion agricultural loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN.) For Akufo/Eruwa farm project.

2.May 20th 2020, Makinde got #20bn loan from first bank of Nigeria, to fund and support priority projects in the state.

3. Oct 17th 2021, #6bn loan to finance the existing projects in the State.

4. Oct 18, the state lawmakers also approved another N18b loan facility for Seyi Makinde.

5. June 23rd, 2022, Seyi Makinde got N2bn loan facility from the Fidelity Bank Plc at a concessional interest rate of 12 percent per anum and a repayment period of 12 months.

6.  23rd July 2019, Oyo State House of Assembly nod Seyi Makinde to obtain  N10 billion from three commercial banks. Till date, nothing to show.

7. N2.5 billion for the refurbishment of health infrastructure.

8. Agbowo shopping leased out at N4.9billion for 50years. Projects is dead now.

9. Fashola farm project, under the Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACs). Now dead like other farm settlements.

10. State roads wears out and look like a deserted village roads.

11. Waste management now moribund and even the Gov. agreed on a national radio, that he has failed.

12. Oyo State lost world Bank flood control support scheme, because mediocrity reigns in the state.

13. Gov. Makinde’s thugs drove recklessly and killed girl (Ayomide) in Ogbomoso in 2020… The same killer squad brutally murdered Rahmon Azeez at Iwo Road in June 2021 and they caused about 40 lives to be lost at Igangan in January, 2023 during a campaign tour.

14. In January 16, 2022, 10 policemen were allegedly stabbed by his boys on his directive at his Diamond Hotel, Alakia, Isebo, Ibadan.

15. Auxiliary boys killed a young man named Kabiru Olalekan, popularly called Kokoro, at the Soka residence of the Yoruba Nation agitator and activist, Sunday Igboho in February 2022.

16. On February 11, Afiz Agate was also killed during a clash in Ibadan between members of the Mukaila Lamidi Auxiliary-led PMS boys and some so-called Federal boys.

17. Members of the Oyo State Park Management System (PMS) on Wednesday October 11, 2021 beat a motorcyclist to death at Queens Cinema area, Dugbe, Ibadan for his refusal to purchase a N100 daily ticket.

18. On March 11, 2022, shortly after the installation of Olubadan, adorned in red caps, Auxiliary boys blocked the road leading to Beere and began to beat anyone who have souvenirs of All Progressive Congress (APC) like stickers on their vehicles, including aged men and women. A reporter of Nigerian Tribune, Seyi Abiola was beaten to a stupor by the PMS boys who also tore his clothes.

19. In March 2022, three persons, among them a youth called Segun, were killed while several others were injured when suspected PMS members attacked some youths at Aliwo area of Ibadan.

20. Nameless, innocent Oyo State citizens were hit by stray bullets when Auxiliary and his boys out of their evil joy and exuberance shot severally in the air, while returning from the ceremony of the opening of the Challenge bus terminal.

to mention just a few.

In all this, there had not been a single public statement of reprimand nor caution from Seyi Makinde to Auxiliary. There won’t be any if you allow yourself to fall victim of Seyi Makinde and his Auxiliary tomorrow unless you show them both the way out today.

Don’t wait until you or your family members fall victim. Get rid of Seyi Makinde to get rid of Auxiliary. Vote against Seyi Makinde second term.

Time has come to sack Seyi Makinde from office for Oyo state to return to her Pacesetter status..

and usher in a forward thinking government.


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