Home Politics Membership Registration Will Boost APC Chances in 2023 – Senator Folarin

Membership Registration Will Boost APC Chances in 2023 – Senator Folarin

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The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Content, Senator Teslim Kolawole Folarin says the ongoing Membership Revalidation and Registration Exercise of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is the boost required to  strengthen the party and prepare it fully for total victory in the general elections of 2023.

Speaking shortly after he revalidated his membership of the party at PU 002, Ward 5, Idi Ose, Ona Ara Local Government Area of Oyo State, Senator Folarin told journalists that the exercise has been very successful and that he was impressed with the large turnout of both the old members for revalidation and new ones, particularly youths and women who now daily throng the polling units across the 351 wards of Oyo State for registration.

Senator Folarin stressed that the exercise was well-thought out and has achieved a lot in terms of reconciliation, reengineering and solidifying the party preparatory to 2023 maintaining that, “It has turned out to be the tonic, the boost needed by our party to get stronger, greater, bigger and I am glad about this.”

Senator Folarin who emphasized the importance of having a strong, cohesive and vibrant party, said the exercise has increased his confidence in the party that come 2023, all the candidates of the All Progressives Party (APC) would win their elections with ease.

“In Oyo State, APC is obviously the leading party. It is the party to beat. We  lost the last gubernatorial election in the state because of the fragmentation in our party. And now with the large number of people enthusiastically joining our party , it is obvious even to the blind that APC is the party to belong to for victory”
Followed by a large number of followers and the locals in the community, Senator Folarin promised that as an experienced politician and a victim of fragmented political party, he would spare no efforts in unifying the party and attract the best of politicians to the APC.

He was happy that the party was starting on a fresh note where everybody is equal with equal opportunities and sense of belonging to all and added that he would join the other leaders of the party in ensuring that the idea of winners takes all becomes history in APC.

Asked on his gubernatorial ambition in 2013, Senator Folarin said what was paramount to him now was building the party and making sure that Oyo State benefits maximally from all the good programs of the Federal Government especially on infrastructure and human capital development as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a fecund player in governance and politics at the top.


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