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NURTW FIRES MAKINDE! We’ve Expelled Auxiliary Before You Appointed Him to Unleash Terror on People of Oyo State”

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The National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) has fired back at Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State for blaming the atrocities of Chairman of the Parking Management System (PMS) Mukaila Lamidi Auxiliary on the union, saying the ex-convict was expelled in 2011.

In a Statement by its Deputy General Secretary, Alh.Suleiman A. Musa, the NURTW noted that the so called Mukaila Lamidi a.k.a Auxiliary, appointed as Chairman of the the notorious park Managers outfit created by the Oyo State Governor was expelled from the Union way back in the year 2011 before he was empowered to unleash mayhem on the good people of Oyo State under the guise of running parks for the government.

It also emphasized that Governor Seyi Makinde had proscribed the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW in the state since 31st May, 2019, hence the Union viewed the persistent reports linking it with the nefarious activities of the governor’s appointee as highly unacceptable and urged the Oyo State Government to do the needful and call him to order to prevent avoidable clashes resulting in wanton destruction of properties and loss of lives.


The statement describes the NURTW as a body of law abiding individuals making a living in the transport sector and aversed to all forms of violent activities capable of putting their source of livelihood in jeopardy, stating that the constitution of the Union was very clear in dealing with identified dissidents or bad eggs like the expelled Appointee of the Governor whose conduct so far had justified the position of the NURTW that such elements should not be accommodated among peace loving members.

It equally appeals to the media and the general public to stop attributing the excesses of the ignoble park Managers Outfit of the Oyo State Government or the nefarious undertaking of its appointed Chairman to the NURTW which remains committed to promoting and sustaining the peace at all times because the breach of peace would deprive members the opportunity to make a living in the industry.


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