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Osun APC Federal Legislators Call Off Public Lecture

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Federal lawmakers from Osun State on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Wednesday, called off Public Lecture billed to hold on Friday 27th November 2020, following the dust the event has generated.

The legislators planned the public lecture to commemorate 2nd anniversary Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola as Governor of Osun State.

The News Carrier NG understands that the decision to call off the public lecture was taken at a meeting of the caucus on Tuesday 17th November 2020 with Senator Ajibola Basiru, Senator Adelere Oriolowo, Hon Taiwo Oluga, Hon L.B Ayeni and Hon. Lekan Afolabi, physically present.

Sources privy to the meeting told News Carrier that the legislators viewed their contribution from a broader perspective hoping to make it an epochmaking occasion to boost the morale of its members and the progressives family in Osun State but the effort was misinterpreted and misconstrued to be an affront to the governor.

According to the sources, “the legislators have earlier agreed to the topic of the lecture as “10years of Uninterrupted Progressive Government in Osun” and according to the legislators, it was a form of social awareness and sensitization of the good people of Osun to know and appreciate the concepts and benefits of the state’s administration under our progressive party”.

“But unknown to the lawmakers, their innocent contribution was not well received in some circle where the legislators efforts were seen as disruptive to the activities marking the 2nd anniversary of the governor. This has generated a lot of undercurrents of misgivings which contributed in sponsorship of stories in the newspapers alleging that the legislators may be planning to cause civil unrest”

The sources stressed that the first sign that mischiefmakers may have polluted the genuine motive of the lecture which was conceived and considered to have the capability to further unity of the party in the State and mobilise the party was the emergence of an unsigned statement emanating from some members of the House of Representatives, who apparently under intense pressure put up a rather terse statement that they are committed to 2nd year anniversary of Governor Oyetola as if the public lecture was not the event planned by the caucus as its contribution to the 2nd anniversary programme of the Governor, as it was done for the first year with football tournament”.


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