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Security Collapse: O.Y.O is Our Case in Oyo State Under Gov Makinde| Banji Banji

Governor Seyi Makinde (Source: Twitter)
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Governor Seyi Makinde-led Oyo State Government and its defenders lack empathy and full of demonic dispositions. If Akeem Olatunji could deliberately shove aside the cold blood murder of Ajibola Olaleye GATUZO, who fell to the bullets of the unchained rulers of Oyo State streets, those imps Ajimobi government caged for 8 years but let loose by Gov. Makinde’s flat footed security management, then you needs nobody to tell you that you are ON YOUR OWN.

Akeem half smart move, was to reporting the death of Seyi’s driver to water down the gruesome murder of APC loyalist, so as not to speak in an indirect affirmation that truly, Security Structure in Oyo State has collapsed.

For a sound mind, is this the time for this Govt in power to play games? Is it even right to game with people’s life for political marks? Same game Seyi Makinde played when Igangan and ibarapa people were losing their wards, before things boomeranged to the state it is now. Same game he played, by not acknowledging the KILLED AND ROASTED policemen at Iwo Road, which lead to the way Police in Oyo State sunk into their shells. For a fact, this is not a government we desired in Oyo State.

Callousness is in their blood anyway. What do you expect from the team led by a man, who ignored his mother’s POINT OF DEATH calls. So, the attitude displayed by Governor Makinde’s aide is no brainier.


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