Home Features The Oyo State PDP Primary and OYSIEC Complicity By Ismaila Ashipa

The Oyo State PDP Primary and OYSIEC Complicity By Ismaila Ashipa

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The Oyo State PDP has come a long way, through thick and thin, to establish herself as a strong and reliable political platform. But of recent, the inept administration of the party as obvious in her many official directives and functions have confirmed the notion that the party is conquered: haunted by the ghosts of the the PDP founding fathers. The PDP as a party is in the hands of unknown foreign operators – UFOs: invaded by those who have nothing in common with the spirit of the party Constitution.

Yesterday in Oyo State, party primaries for the local  government Chairmanship Candidates were scheduled to be held. Either by Democratic ballotings or consensus or even the unapproved hocus pocus (riggin), semblance of elections had to be held at designated venues with OYSIEC IN ATTENDANCE TO WITNESS THE ELECTORAL PROCESS. So the Guidelines read.

The PDP and the administration led by Engr Seyi Makinde displayed their inexperience at elections yesterday. The questions are:

*Could a primary election, especially at LGA level, hold without the ELECTORAL OFFICER FOR THE LGA IN Attendance?

*Has the OYSIEC presented list of EOs to the House of Assembly for approval or was there a time the OYSIEC announced the appointment of her Electoral OFFICERS?

*In the absence of Electoral Officers could any party claim to have held a legitimate primary?

I am disappointed in the inarobo Inarobo PDP State excos. Browsing at some of the results declared yesterday, the party went ahead to sign the columns reserved for EOs. Why are these exco so daft and naive. Do they know the implication of their actions: IT’S NOTHING BUT FORGERY. How have these impurities come upon a party with rich tradition and culture like the PDP.

The OYSIEC has no EOs for now. Who then forged their signatures on the result sheets? The answer to this poser isn’t far fetched. The Oyo state pdp conspired with her self appointed OYSIEC Chairman to forge results of elections that were never held. Forgery is a grave offence which the pdp exco and oysiec should be charged.

In place like Ido and some other LGAs, the space for EO was wisely left blank. It all BOILS down to NO ELECTION since the kangaroo elections results announced were not witnessed by OYSIEC.

If the administration led by Egnr Seyi Makinde is bent at rigging some people out of the system, which is not unusual, should it be done shabbily to the shame of the party. The Oyo State PDP has become a laughing stock amongst the enlightened.

The National Working Committee of the PDP in Abuja should look closely into these shenanigan of an election: a sham that can not stand the test of court. The NWC should invite the Oyo PDP State Working Committee to explain their role in the Palace coup tagged primary before the party goes into permanent extinction.

Ashipa Ismaila O writes from Ibadan North.


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