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We’ll resist Makinde’s attempt to join APC – Stakeholders

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Moves by the Peoples Democratic Party Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde to join the All Progressives Congress (APC) has met with stiff opposition by the various stakeholders in the progressives fold in the State.

Rising from a stakeholders meeting made up of the Oyo Solidarity Front (OSF), Oyo Progressives Resolute (OPR) and Oyo Sustainable Development Movement (OSDM) on Monday, the Groups said any attempt by the Governor to join the Party would be resisted by all the Stakeholders in Oyo APC adding that the masses of Oyo State would be mobilized to stop this anathema to progressive tendencies.

A statement signed by Messrs Johnson Olooto, Shina Alubankudi, Waheed Olanrewaju, Sunday Olododo, Ibrahim Arikewusola and Daud Arapaja, Chairmen and Secretaries of the Groups respectively said Governor Makinde has become a leper that should not be allowed to mix with normal, healthy people. “He has been rejected by his party and its leadership in the South West and he is looking for a soft landing, he should move further than the APC”.

“He has always claimed to be popular. He should stake his popularity in any of the other political parties in the country, not in APC where he has elevated his attack on party leadership to a state policy”.

The group also noted that the Governor could not be trusted as evidenced in the “accident” suffered by the coalition that ensured his emergence as Governor. “He betrayed all those who worked for him to emerge as Governor leading to the collapse of the coalition. Was it not the same Governor Makinde that said there was Corona Virus in APC at one of his party’s rallies? Was he not the same Governor who harassed members of the progressives in the State and has continued to do so? So why does he think it is the same party that should offer him a soft landing?

The groups said someone that cannot be trusted would find it difficult to get a berth in APC. “All the people that helped him to power are no longer with him. Former Governor Ayodele Fayose was the person that handed over the PDP flag to him as party flag bearer, today he is at logger heads with his benefactor. His antics have left his party more divided and many have deserted him. He would be an albatross on the neck of APC in Oyo State and we will resist his attempt at joining our party”.

The Groups resolutely concluded that there is no room for Gov Makinde in APC.


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