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You are giving PDP bad image, Party Chieftain Tells Govs Seyi Makinde, Bala Mohammed

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A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Ambassador Ojong Agbor, has called on leaders of the party to call the Governors of Oyo and Bauchi States, Seyi Makinde and Bala Mohammed to order, accusing the governors of giving the party bad image.

He said Governor Bala Mohammed was presenting the PDP as a party that supports criminality and illegal occupation of people’s properties by insisting that herders can enter forests anywhere in the country and occupy same without approval from the State government.

Ambassador Agbor, said in a release in Abuja on Sunday, that it was funny that someone like Governor Makinde, will be promoting factions in States in the South-West against the same people who assisted him to get the PDP ticket after he returned to the party in late 2017.

He said the Governor’s pettiness and vindictiveness made him to mismanage the Sunday Igboho issue by ordering his arrest when he ought to have called him for a round-table discussion.

The PDP chieftain, who lamented that the party was being placed in a precarious situation in Oyo State, said Governor Makinde must have to change his style and stop seeking those who worked against the party as new allies at the expense of those who stood by the party even when he (Makinde) left for other parties.

Truth be told, when almost all opposition elements were hiding under their beds for fear of persecution by the tyrannical All Progressives Congress government of President Muhammadu Buhari, it was people former Governor Ayo Fayose that remained as voice of the opposition. Then, Governor Makinde was in Social Democratic Party and I doubt if he would have stayed in the PDP if he did not get the governorship ticket in 2018.

It is appalling that it is the same Fayose, whose uncompromising stand against APC caused him Ekiti State in 2018 that Governor Makinde is disrespecting and treating like his mate. He is even issuing warning to the National Working Committee as if he now owns the party. All these display of power arrogance must stop and if no one is willing to tell Governor Makinde, some of us will tell him.

On the feud between Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom and Governor Bala Mohammed, Ambassador Agbor said it was not part of ideals of the PDP to take side with criminals, irrespective of their tribe or religion.

He said Governor Bala Mohammed ought to have spoken against the destruction of people’s farmlands, killings, kidnappings and raping by herders instead of presenting himself and by extension the PDP as supporter of those perpetrating crimes among the herdsmen.


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