Home Features Before Akeem Olatunji Completely Strips Makinde Off by Dele Oluwanishola

Before Akeem Olatunji Completely Strips Makinde Off by Dele Oluwanishola

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Before Akeem Olatunji Completely Strips Makinde Off by Dele Oluwanishola

There is no shortage of media aides who go about their crafts without inflicting a strand of damage on their employer. Akeem Olatunji, the Oyo state PDP publicity secretary is not one. Every action he takes often portends trouble for his party and smoothens the path for Seyi Makinde’s political annihilation. Through crass level of ignorance and unbridled witlessness, Olatunji seems to be in the business of demarketing people who put food on his table. He only wields fast fingers without a bright mind that is capable of processing complex thoughts. When he is silent, his foolery could be mistaken, when he voices, all doubts are removed.

Olatunji has grown confident in his self-desructive world that he now takes swipes at prominent figures. In his recent verbiage, he directed caustic remarks at a former Governor of the state, Otunba Alao-Akala, Senator Teslim Folarin, Oyo APC Chairman, Chief Akin Oke and Chief Bayo Adelabu on the recent judgement handed down by the Supreme Court overturning the decision of Governor Seyi Makinde to sack local government chairmen and councillors in the state. While his verbal attack wouldn’t be a surprise to those who are aware of his feeble cognitive capacity, it is pitiful that he has refused to step up his game.

A few background glimpse will suffice to uncover the character of this impressionable rabble rouser who hails from Osun state. Olatunji is a self-styled Engineer who has chosen to gain political patronage through the backdoor after a failed career in the corporate world. There is nothing notable in his tattered reputation, other than his expertise in the ruination of every turf he sets foot.

Former Governor Rashidi Ladoja would not forget him in a hurry for the role he played in decimating Accord Party – the brainchild of the Ibadan High Chief. It was when the party started gaining legendary status and statewide recognition that Olatunji began to engineer its destruction by joining issues with agelong associates and boardroom advisors of the party.

Olatunji played the same script in ADC and ZLP – wrecking irrecoverable damage on all fronts. This could be the prime reason why none of the parties considered him for any elective position. Who wants such a spoiler to headline a campaign?

Recently he made his boss an object of scorn in the public glare by leaking some tactless chats on an enclosed Whatsapp group belonging to the Oyo PDP. Governor Makinde had to exit the group to the chagrin of other members when Olatunji insisted that the Governor must issue a statement on a petty issue. This flared up Makinde’s intolerable temperament and the Governor had no choice than to abandon his flocks in such a brutish manner that is unbecoming of a receptive leader.

The earlier the PDP hierarchy throws him under the bus, the better. Engineer Olatunji is not a man to be trusted with a sensitive portfolio such as publicity secretary of a ruling party. He is at best, an impulsive town crier who shouts fire when there is none.

Dele Oluwanishola writes from Ibadan. He can be reached via deleoluwanishola@gmail.com


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