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EXCLUSIVE: Barrister’s Son Apologises to Fans; Explains How Mr. Fuji’s Family Reached Peace Accord with King Wasiu Ayinde

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As families, friends and fans across the globe mark 10th death anniversary of the late Fuji Maestro, Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, eldest son of Mr. Fuji family – Alhaji Razaq Balogun has given explanations on how the peace accord was reached between the family and King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal.

Alhaji Razaq while apologising to fans, revealed that an extended peace meeting, involving representatives of the  leadership of all Barrycentric groups and stakeholders would be held son.

The News Carrier NG understands that late Barrister’s mentor – Chief Ebenezer Obey, Otunba Adisa Osiefa, Association of fuji musicians (FUMAN), also Agbaakin Ademola Adesigbin who stood in for all members of Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, the Fuji music creator groups, Alhaja Modinat Asabi Baritide and other members of Sikiru Ayinde’s family were involved in the first round of peace accord.

Alhaji Razaq Balogun’s Letter Reads in full:

Dear fellow Barrista,


I most dutifully write this important update to every constituent global fan and supporter of Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister MFR; in cognizance of the importance the entire Barrister estate accords every one; particularly in view of the love and consistent commitment of every fan towards the sustenance of the imperishable legacy of our icon, the fuji creator and foremost exponent of blessed memory.

The biological family in its entirelty is indebted to you all. Your sacrifice of time, energy and financial resources over the past one decade is overwhelming and unprecedented. Hence, the family owe it a duty and a responsibility to carry all along as events have unfolded in the last few weeks.

It is no longer news that a meeting held at the instance of our reverred grand daddy, Chief Ebenezer Obey and Otunba Adisa Osiefa (and of course other men of goodwill too numerous to mention here). The meeting is the culmination of weeks of efforts by these eminent Nigerians to broke a lasting peace in the SAB family, house of fuji and to give extra mileage to the sustenance of  Barry legacy activism.

The process happened at the speed of light. The pace was dizzying. It was almost surreal. It didn’t look like it was going to happen so quick and so smooth, hence our inability to systematically carry all and sundry along; but be that as it were, we as a family reached out to certain members of Barry groups for consultation and guidance.

The overriding philosophy of the rapport is: Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister MFR is a man of peace. If he were to be alive today and the same scenario as incumbent played out, he would be all out for peace.

We are guided by this spirit. Moreso we know that every conflict must have a resolution. The intervention of our elders of the calibre earlier mentioned made it a fait accompli. Barrister himself cannot contradict any of these great peacemakers.

It is in this light that I am assuring all SAB teeming fans worldwide, that the peace meeting was not to spite any of Barry groups both individually or collectively of their commitment over the years but rather an acknowledgement of their efforts to the effect that no stone should be left unturned in the actualization of the Barry legacy.

As a matter of fact, another rapport involving representatives of the  leadership of all Barrycentric groups and stakeholders is coming up soonest. This will give all and sundry the overview of the overriding perspectives of the peace move as well as to serve as avenue for all of us to have a say and a concrete imput in the process.

Let us all thank God however for the tangible deliverables of the meeting. With the new arraignment it is assured all hands will be more effectively deployed on the deck towards the vision and mission of immortalising our musical idol and fuji prophet. It can only get better brothers and sisters. Peace is an active ingredent of development. With peace secured, we can very accurately project speed and strength in our quest.

Thank you all for your uncommon understanding and love. We cannot take you for granted and we didn’t. In the spirit of peace, let come together, so that we can achieve more in our and you all sustenance and preserving legacy of Mr . Fuji .

For: Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister Estate

Razaq Babatunde  Ishola Agbajelola Balogun


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