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Governance: Gov. Makinde is Either Surrounded by Mediocres or Deosn’t Listen to Many of His Advisers By Ismaila Ashipa

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Don’t mix the two.
Engineer Seyi Makinde isn’t same as His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde. The two personalities, though pairs, aren’t same. Glucose isn’t Lucozade: the left leg can’t be placed in the right-leg shoe. I have argued on many occasions with Chief Alh Adebisi Olopoeyan that the Makinde he knew and loved isn’t same as Governor Makinde. Olopoeyan always disagree.

I like the personality of Egnr Seyi Makinde. I like his industry and success, his cool mien simplicity and philanthropy. Egnr Seyi Makinde that I know is a complete gentleman who won’t breach an agreement unless from the other end. Above all, Egnr Makinde always avoids a fight.

I don’t like Governor Makinde the way I should. This has to do with one or all of the below:
* The government he leads is
unexpectedly opaque. This is the
cause of many of the controversies
trailing the administration
* He doesn’t listen to many of his
advisers. Or his is surrounded by
* I have found Gov Makinde on more
than two occasions not diplomatic.
At difficult situation, an astute
politician of his status is expected
to be more tactical than being

Let me relay two instances.
* After the Supreme Court verdict
compelling the state govt to pay
the salaries and allowances of
estranged 2018 ALGON, the
response of Gov Makinde not
paying the ex Chairmen is very
un-executive, confrontational and
a disobedience to the Apex Court
order. If I were having the Gov’s
ears, I would ask the governor to
happily congratulate the ALGON
and invite the 33 Chairmen
recognized by the Constitution to
submit their details/claims to the
Deputy Chief of Staff. What would
happen next won’t be the fault of
Mr Gomina.
* The Igangan failure.
That statement,
though the truth, isn’t expected
from the Governor’s appointee let
alone a whole Executive Governor.
Where is the diplomacy and
suavity in that statement. Thank
God that the crowd were
disciplined and orderly. If I were in
the know to what His Excellency
would say, I would counsel
otherwise. I would tell the Gov to
say, “I feel the pains of those who
lost their loved ones and properties
in this Igangan massacre. It isn’t
just a slap on the people of Ibarapa
zone but a disgrace to the whole
state and to all government
apparatuses. We flopped in our
first responsibility to protect our
citizens. The buck stops at my .
desk, so I won’t pass the buck.
Please, forgive us. I promise that
the murderers at Igangan won’t go
unpunished. Blah blah blah”

To admit failure is a knock on the administration. The statement “I fail” is now in the archive to be used against the governor and the party in 2023.

Now that you know, why asking for my head.


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