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Oyo State: APC, PDP and Use of Power By Morufu Smith

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The two dominant parties in Nigeria love power. But while PDP is a terror with power when in power, APC is humanly with power when in power.

On May 20th, 2021, APC wanted to file a motion at the High Court, Ring Road, Ibadan, to stop the recently held local government elections as fixed by OYSIEC under the hypnotism of Gov. Seyi Makinde. Allegedly, the PDP got a whiff of the motion to stop the election and the party, known for addicted brigandage, unleashed its servants of death to prevent APC lawyers from filing the motion. On the said day, the servants of death, wearing disguised vests, allegedly laid siege on the High Court premises, preventing entry and exit while the judiciary workers on duty went about with bated fears while the day lasted. Around 4pm same day, the state government announced a public holiday for Friday, 21st May, 2021, as a ploy to prevent the motion to stop the election from sailing through. Such impunity and brigandage could only be from the PDP!

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During the tenures of late Senator Ajimobi as the governor of Oyo state, there was no time APC misused power against PDP. During the local government election organized by the administration of Senator Ajimobi, PDP went to court to stop the election without disturbance from the government, though they could not secure the injunction to stop the election. There was no record of security agents disallowing PDP from filing motions against the then state government let alone unleash a terror of thugs on them.

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Now, Oyo state is back to pre-2011 when brigandage reigned supreme, allegedly being engineered by the present state government.

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The difference between a government of terror and a government of peace is clear! Oyo people have allowed somebody with a façade of calm mien to deceive them. PDP under the present government is even unleashing terrors against dissenting voices within its fold. The recently held local government election was an example of PDP’s impunity against itself.

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