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S’Court: Oyo APC is Claiming Fake Victory – PDP. *Says Makinde earlier offered ALGON Same Thing They Got from Apex Court

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo state, has asked leaders of the opposition All Progressives Congress in the State to bury their heads in shame for proclaiming a spurious victory on the May 7 ruling of the Supreme Court on the tussle over local Council administration in the state.

The State’s Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Engineer Akeem Olatunji, who stated this on Saturday, said that Governor ‘Seyi Makinde deserved to be hailed as a special prophet who saw tomorrow because he had earlier offered the sacked ALGON chairmen the same conditions they got from the Apex Court on Friday.

“It will be recalled the Engineer Seyi Makinde had asked the State’s negotiation team set up to find an out-of- court settlement (at the earlier stages if the trial) to propose the offront payment of the salaries of the embattled ALGON Chairmen, but they were misadvised by their greedy leaders whose target was the treasury of the local governments. It is obvious the Governor Makimde actually saw tomorrow,” Olatunji said.

Oyo PDP described the state chapter of the APC as a bunch of shameless politicians who will always display their rookie knowledge of politics.

The ruling party in Oyo state said that only rookie politicians with very high level of delusionary tendencies would expect to get a different judgement from any court of law, looking at the facts of the matter.

In fact, they should count themselves lucky because the Supreme Court was more than generous to them when it overlooked the series of slap the APC inflicted on the court system in the process of installing the all gone ALGON members, stressing that the illegality perpetrated by the APC government when it imposed its members on Oyo Councils, flouting in the process, every laid down electoral regulations and guidelines, would easily found conspicuous space in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“The APC in Oyo State and its forever gone ALGON members is just an empty vesel that makes loud noises, full of fury and agony for no just cause.
“They but they think that everyone else is as politically naive as they are, forgetting that the law, ordinarily is never based on parochial sentiments.

“That some APC leaders are jubilating and dancing macabre dance over the zero success they recorded at the Supreme Court is shameful and an open display of the myopic thinking of uninformed politicians.

“They want the public to forget that the real prayers at the Supreme Court was that they be returned to office as chairmen, a quest that was thrown away like rotten fruits, when the Apex Court declared that their tenure had expired.

“How can any right- thinking politician muscle up motivation to celebrate such a zero success?
But their shamelessness has shown clearly because in actual sense, it is not such an easy task to embark on such a wild goose chase and be so disgraced at every court approached.

“The fact of the matter is that the case actually favoured PDP Starboy Governor Seyi Makinde, our very own world striker!

“We are not surprised that in their usual manner, the APC is mouthing victory when they came out the worst for it”.

“The people are aware of their tricks have since deciphered the emptiness in the cancerous APC and their agents of propaganda”.

“The simple fact is that the Supreme Court, in its judgement, noted that the the tenures of the sacked Council chairmen and Councillors have expired and only reiterated the earlier stance of the Governor Seyi Makinde- led State Government, which had offered compensation to the sacked local government chairmen before now.

“Unfortunately, as it is their stock in trade, the APC went to town touting all sorts of claims and spreading lies with the sole intent of misinforming some uninformed members of the public and its members.

“Governor Makinde, without the court willingly moved to offer them compensations in a peace parley but they rejected it saying they only want to be returned to office. Now that they went ahead to the Supreme Court, what did they get? The Apex Court only said hey! your tenure has since expired, you can only get paid some compensations.
That’s exactly what Governor Makinde had , offered. What really are they rejoicing over?

“It is even more laughable that a man like the former Governor Alao Akala, is telling the state not to proceed with democratic elections, that will usher in chairmen in the state.

“We are not surprised at such ludicrous reasoning because as we recall, the APC, an epitome of illegality and corruption, used caretaker local government chairmen for seven out of its eight, while only setting up the sacked ALGON chairmen as a booby trap to destabilise the Makinde administration.

“They should not think that the people have forgotten so soon such the draconian governance that epitomized modern day slavery, which APC represented in Oyo State between May 2011 and May 2019.

“The PDP in Oyo State has come to usher in true Democracy and we have been doing that for the past two years. The days of impunity and illegality as imposed by the riotous and inept APC are over.

“The APC and their outgone ALGON who see their failure as a pass mark should prepare to go back to court for its own political miscalculation.

“The APC family in Oyo state should cover their eyes in shame at least for the sake of honour and dignity. Tenure has since expired. They can’t go to work, they are gone, they are politically jobless, but no! APC in our dear state never keeps quiet not even when they utter sounds without any form of meaning.

“The local government election billed for 22nd of May will hold and all participating political parties will present their best materials before the people to be elected and funny enough we will not be allowed to be drawn back to the dark days of APC administration where the people at the grassroots where denied local government administration.”


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