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The Revolution of The Poor By Olufemi Lawson

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I have often posited and remained of the opinion, that the real revolution that will reset Nigeria and rescue it from the jugular of these vampires, will not be led by the Sowores, Wailers or whoever is considered as an “enemy” of the Buhari regime today. The coming uprising will not be televised neither will it be announced on the social media, before consuming the now fragile entity called Nigeria.


If something urgent is not done, the next few months will spell DOOM, for Nigeria. You can call us unpatriotic and preach your psychopathic Buharism mistook for patriotism, that won’t change the fact about this looming danger.

Nigerians are very hungry. Today’s poverty is no longer symptomatic of the average Nigerian not having money for luxuries, shelter or even social amenities. It is lack of Food for households. The ordinary Nigerian can no longer afford food, even those with little monies can’t afford the prices of food in the market. Passing through a neighborhood market today shows massive faces of angry shoppers.
People’s take home pay, can no longer take them home.

In my entire life growing up as a Nigerian, I have never witnessed the kind of hardship that the average families I see around today, are passing through, not even under the Abacha Junta.

Yet, some charlatans find it offensive when Nigerians genuinely complain about the lifelessness and insensitivity of the Buhari Regime.

To describe us as being unpatriotic for asking the regime to do the basic things that can put food on the table of the downtrodden Nigerians, really shows how empty those cans you call skulls and carry around are.

Nigeria will definitely outlive these grossly incompetent charlatans in power and the shenanigans of their crooked supporters. What this time requires is a collective call on whoever is RULING the country now, to consider the cry of the downtrodden and act fast. This is just an advice and not an appeal. It is certain that there will be consequences for their failure to act.

The day is near, when we will no longer be able to drive our tinted SUVs and luxurious cars on the street, the day is very near, when the roads to the airport you’re planning to escape through are going to be occupied by the hungry citizens, willing to feed on your flesh. The day that your guns and armoured cars shall be rendered powerless by the mass of hungry and angry citizens, ready to die to rescue their country from the ruining ROGUES, holding their fortunes hostage. The day your Soldiers and Riot Policemen will allow Protesters to Ride on their Tanks and Chase you Rogues out of the Cities. The day is very near.

If you’re not educated enough or choose to be deliberately silly about the lessons of history, the recent event in Sudan should teach you a little. Today’s Tyrant in Nigeria are kindergarten when compared to an Al-Bashir, yet he fell, not to the guns, but the anger of the mass of Sudanese.

Time to save Nigeria is now, as the next day may be too late.

Olufemi Lawson


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