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TKF, The Real Affairs and Why He Will Add A Fillip To Oyo State Education

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If you want people to be perpetually slavish, one thing you must not do, don’t educate them

The epigraph above by the author of the famous novel ” Devils Advocates ” George Bernard shaw, amply highlights the importance of qualitative education.

The word ” qualitative ” here is stressed for emphasis.

It is what the prolific writer calls ” the real affairs ”

Informal education is appreciated as the best form of education as it teaches what formal education can’t. That’s why professor Olusegun Oladiipo in one of his essays stressing home education and family values posits ” it is easy to teach anybody a new historical fact about Richelieu, but it needs lights from heaven to enable a teacher breaks the old framework in the student who has been accustomed to seeing his Richelieu at home ”
Actually We can’t afford to go back to the period going to school is described by Bernard shaw as” infuriating when i think of all i might have learned at home ”

However , education is more appreciated when the learning environment is conducive and inviting. One of the paths to making education desirable is when the schools have ICT Centres to boot .

It was therefore a thing of joy when the Senator representing oyo cental and a Guber hopeful, Senator recently exclaimed thus,

” I’ve facilitated 17 ICT Centres, 88 fully furnished classrooms in 3 years ”

The Senator further disclosed that ”

” I have facilitated 17 ICT Centres and 88 fully-furnished classrooms across the public schools in his district, plus MacArthur ICT and communication centre, University of Ibadan within three years’.

No one can contravene TKs claim that he is ” passionate and committed to providing a serene environment for students to acquire sound education in their pursuit for academic excellence and research for information and by extension,improve teaching methods”

Good and qualitative education is part of the things the state has been clamouring for and it’s now apparent that the State is blessed with who will change the narrative for better as far as education is concerned in the State.

Some doubting Thomases on hearing the news never believed their ears until the story was fully confirmed as true in their respective local governments areas where the Centres and the schools are sited .

No wonder many commentators are affirming that TKF will be the best thing to happen to Oyo state as a Governor.

You and l can make it a reality with our votes in the forthcoming election by voting wisely .

Comrade Adekunle okunola is an Ibadan based public analyst from Ibadan North LG.


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