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Don’t be Distracted by Oyo Chapter of NSCIA Release |AbdulWaahid Awwal Lawal

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There is no need for panic, Allah is always in control and He will always protect His Deen. It’s part of politics and somebody must just play the devil’s advocate.

Shaikh Salaudeen Busairi is not new in this kind of game.
A very reliable brother observed and I believe him👇

This so called NSCIA were the same YOUMBAS members who sided with BOLA IGE against Muslims over 40 years ago for a pot of porridge and Allah reduced them to the lowest of the low and elevated those on the path of truth to the highest pedestal in all ramifications

I am also bold to say that those who originally spearheaded the establishment of NSCIA in Oyo State and are mainly from Okeogun have since dumped it when they realised the body was not even recognised by the NSCIA itself. The President General or the NSCIA will not come to Oyo state and ask for the state Chairman or exco of NSCIA in Oyo State. They would not even know when the president general is in Oyo State.

Ask the Exco when last did they attend any exco meeting in Abuja? Who bankrolls them. An exco member of the local chapter told me, he quit when they could met a brick wall in the ordinary opening of an account in bank in the name of NSCIA.

Some members have spent 3 tenures or more as Exco of some NSCIA without people showing interest in taking over due to lack of recognition and patronage.

The acclaimed Secretary-General, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Oyo State chapter should be able to tell us when he last attended the meeting of the Supreme Council in Abuja and give us the account number of the state chapter where we can pay money to help it. The fact is that there is no Supreme Council in the state, even in the North where the permanent president general of supreme council comes from, there is only Jammatu Nasri Islam (JNI) and in the South West, only MUSWEN is recognised as the JNI equivalent. It then means, all Organisations must be under the regional body. It is through the regional body NSCIA operates.

As far as Nigeria is concerned, just like in the judiciary, with only one Supreme court of Nigeria in Abuja, the NSCIA is also in Abuja only strictly speaking.

In Oyo State and like most states of the south west, the most recognised body is the MUSCOYS.

All previous administrations in Oyo State except a mischievous Governor who may want to use divide and rule have always interacted, had dealings with and recognised MUSCOYS officially.

Alhamdulillah, PAG in Oyo State has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to promoting good governance and unity of the ummah and she has recorded a huge success recently by facilitating reconciliation and promoting smooth and cordial relationships of the leadership of the ummah. May Allah continue to strenghten PAG.


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