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Open Letter to GSM: Is My Life Really in Danger for Standing Strong Against Tyranny and Demanding Justice for the Dead Ones?

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I reluctantly write this open letter because of my strong personal belief that the Almighty, giver and taker of lives is my Rock and Refuge.

However, I am writing Y.E not for my sake but for yours.

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Ever since I have chosen to speak up against the brigandage witnessed in Ibarapa East as a result of the local government election organized by OYSIEC and supervised by Y.E, I have been in undated by calls and pleas from many quarters asking me to keep quiet because they believe that my life will be in continued danger if keep demanding justice.

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Like I said, I initially discarded such concerns not because I have any belief in Y.E not to so do that which they feared but because of my firm trust in the infinite power of Almighty God to see me through any evil as HE has done all the time.

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Y.E, the fact that anyone will even insinuate such is extremely worrisome for your public image.

Private schools and some public places in Eruwa have remained shut since last Saturday and politicians in the opposition are all hiding around while those who could have escaped town.

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I am directing this letter to your conscience while advising Y.E to take a pause and think of the time you will also become like any ordinary citizen.

What manner of History are you writing?

If Y.E benefited from an election organized by the opposition Party and there is no record that anyone made an attempt on your life, ditto for DEBO OGUNDOYIN, why must people now have the feeling that we are not safe just because we are demanding justice?

Sir, there is nothing on me but all is on you.

If even a goat dies again in Ibarapa East as a result of politics, take notice that the whole world is watching you.

Haba! How many lives must be lost just because someone wants to have his way?



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