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Ibarapa East Massacre: We Won’t Stop! GSM Failed and Still Failing Us

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Martin Luther King Jr once said, “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”!

Y.E, it pains me to once again have to direct another write up to you on this subject matter.

Since the evening of 21st May 2021 when the Speaker of Oyo state came to town in a commando like manner, preparatory to the massacre of the following day, I have furnished you pieces of information too many to count.

UPDATE ON IBARAPA: 3 Killed, 4 Severely Injured [Photos]

What baffled me most is the fact that you read all my messages beginning with a warning, followed by advice and later updates from the killing field.

[VIDEO, PHOTOS] Apathy, Rigging, Hoarding of Materials, Violence Mar Oyo LG Polls


At this point Y.E, I have to be frank with you. The words on the street is to the effect that Y.E is not actually in charge and it does seem so.

BREAKING: Oyo Speaker Ogundoyin’s, Hon. Yemi’s Thugs Allegedly Kill 2 Persons, Many Sustain Gunshot Injuries [Videos, Photos]

In my life at over 50 and having had the opportunity of working with a former Governor, I have never seen anything close to what we have now in Oyo Government House.

It is obvious that Y.E does need help.

GSM on “Peaceful Conduct of Council Elections in Oyo State”

As a Christian that you are, the sanctify of human life is supposed to be of paramount concerns to you.

It is obvious that some non state actors are seriously at work here.

Open Letter to GSM: Is My Life Really in Danger for Standing Strong Against Tyranny and Demanding Justice for the Dead Ones?

Unfortunately, the blame will definitely come to Y.E. Oyo voted for you and not them.

The office of Governor comes with high responsibilities. Chief of the responsibilities is the protection of life. In this regard, you, Y.E failed and is still failing us.

Your Excellency GSM, Not Even A Word of Condolence [Open Letter]

If those Y.E have submitted authority to thought the noise will pass as usual, they lie.

Sherrilyn Kenyon in her book Son of no one said, “that was how evil worked. Never from enemies you saw coming. Only those closest to you could destroy you. The ones you mistakenly trusted. The ones you allowed to mislead you because the pain of living without them was greater than the pain of tolerating the lie”!

GSM, Lagunju and Oyo Police: Help Unmask the Masquerades | SOLA ABEGUNDE

Sir, the time will come when you will have the prefix EX GOVERNOR!

Those who chose this path for you will be the first to say “we warned him, he didn’t listen”.

It is not too late to redeem yourself sir or must we, like Moriama Ba write you “so long a letter?”



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